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Here at JustCBD in the United Kingdom, we have perfected the taste of sweet, juicy fruit in our Tropical Mango Vape CBD Cartridge. Temptingly tropical and revitalizing, our Tropical Mango is a treat for the senses with the lusciousness of fresh produce. The refreshing vape is also calming and refreshing. In no time, you will be swept away to an island paradise, simply by enjoying one of the best CBD flavours available. Not only are the delicious vape cartridges made with 100% organic CBD, all of the flavour is completely natural. Whether you are new to the wonderful CBD vaping experience or a skilled expert, you can always rely on a good vape to relax your mind and body. Stress quickly fades away, allowing you to chill out physically, as well as emotionally. A 5-10 thread battery with a minimum of 450mAh is required to use a Just CBD Tropical Mango Vape Cartridge.

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We’ve perfected the fruity taste of sweet, juicy mango in our Mango Vape Cartridge. Temptingly tropical and revitalizing, our Mango Vape Cartridge is a treat for the senses with the succulence of fresh mango fruit and the takeover of a calm, refreshing sensation. The healing, soothing effects of our top of the line CBD will be felt soon after your hit, so sit back, relax and let your senses get carried away somewhere tropical with our JustCBD Mango Vape Cartridge.

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